Solution for High Security Infrastructure (Enterprise, Government, Military, Intelligence)

SSL Wildcard Security Certificate

PositiveSSL by Sectigo
for one domain and subdomains

Basic Service for CSR and Single Cert Installation

cPanel Integrated Secure WAF Application/OWASP

OWASP® ModSecurity CRS
Protection from insecure web application design
Protection against operating system level attack
Protect against generalized malicious traffic

Secure Cloudlinux Pro

Making Linux secure and stable
CloudLinux OS+ gives shared hosting providers advanced automation, deep-look performance analytics, and centralized monitoring tools

Secure Server Firewall Security

SPI iptables firewall
Login authentication failure blocking
Excessive connection blocking
SSH login notification
SU login notification
SYN Flood protection
Ping of death protection
Port Scan tracking and blocking

Secure Imunify360 with Kernelcare

Security Suite
Scan and list malicious files
Domain reputation management tool
Login Firewall
Hardened PHP
Proactive Defense

Minio Secure High Availability Storage

MinIO secure platform
High Available
High Performance
100 TB Capacity (in secure premises)

cPanel Premier Pro

cPanel for High Security Environment

Litespeed Enterprise Pro

Litespeed for High Security Environment

Secure Managed Service

Security Consultation
Setup / Installation
Virus/Malware Scan and Detection

Server Security Maintenance

Server OS Scan and Review
Server PHP Module Scan and Review
Server Network Services Scan and Review
Server Active Process Scan and Review
Server User Scan and Review
Redundant Files Checking
Server Capacity and Usage Checking

Yearly payment, PPN is excluded
Harga belum termasuk PPN