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Bila anda menemukan file 'backup_incomplete' di folder backup cpanel anda,  silahkan jalan kan command ini untuk mengetahui penyebabnya:

(copy paste semuanya sekaligus, dan jalankan di SSH)

for log in /usr/local/cpanel/logs/cpbackup/*; do printf -- "------------------------------\n%s:\n" "$log"; while read err; do grep "$err" "$log"; done <<EOF;done
Unable to get user id
Unable to load cPanel user data
You cannot copy the root user
pkgacct failed to copy daily backup
Could not use daily backup
Bailing out
The REMOTE_PASSWORD variable is missing
Unable to find domain name
Exiting with error code
Could not remove directory
Hook denied execution of pkgacct
Could not open
Could not chmod
Could not rename
failed to create the working dir
Unable to fork
Unable to waitpid
Unable to open
Failure dumping
Unable to read
does not appear to be valid XML
Could not create directory
mysqldump: Got error
mysqldump failed

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